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Horse Communication

Some call what I teach “Horse Tricks”, however, I prefer to think of it as “Horse Communication”. Horse Communication is simply being able to communicate with horses by using their natural instincts.

It not only gets the horse to want to do for me, but instills the need to be with and please me. When I communicate with horses, they begin to respond immediately creating an honest, safe, and fun relationship.

I believe the only way to develop this type of relationship with my horses is through fairness, kindness, and mutual respect. During training, the horse is exposed to all kinds of new things to help him learn to cope and work things out.

I take the horse through steps by making the right things easy and the wrong things difficult just as God prepares us for our tomorrows by helping us through our trials and troubles today. I want the horse to understand what I am asking of him. I try to present my wishes in a way that the horse will understand just as God wants us to seek his will and his way.


"We must learn to talk to the animals, so that we can understand them because we fear that which we do not understand, and we destroy that which we fear.”

-Chief Joseph


  As for me and my horse, we will ride for the Lord !