As I was trail riding at Golden Hills Resort in Missouri, God gave me this vision. I saw a hill and as I went over the hill, I saw a sea of pink flowers. This vision continued and I approached a sea of blue flowers. Continuing down the trail, I came to a intersection. At this intersection I saw three crosses. As I looked up from the crosses, the dense woods opened up to the sun that shined down on these crosses. I looked around and notice two separate paths. As this vision continue to be more vivid, I realized the path was in the shape of the cancer ribbon. Then it started to make since, the sea of pink, represented the breast cancer and the blue, prostate cancer. The name immediately followed, "Cowgirl Way".

That evening when my husband and I came back from the trail, we went to the mess hall for dinner. There was a room full of people. Some we had met, others were unfamiliar. A couple became glaringly noticeable to me. I felt the need to share this vision with them. I told them I believe this will be used for someone that will be needing this place for healing. I continued to tell them that I lived far away from this area, but I really felt led to share this with them. They instantly became excited about the vision and the next thing I knew, I was standing in front of this whole group sharing this vision. This was in May. In August, I got a call from the husband of the couple that God led me to. His wife was diagnosed with cancer that day. They believe the words that I shared that day with them gave them the reassurance that God was there and a plan was already in place.

In October, several of us headed to Missouri to find "Cowgirl Way". Every step we took, we knew we were in the right place. The hill, the area for the pink flowers, the curve in the ribbon, the area that opened up for the blue flowers, were all exactly like I saw it. Then as we walked to this area, right in front of me, stood these three oak trees and I looked up and the woods opened up to the light. I knew this was it.

Later that day, as the crosses were being finished, trail riders came out to see what we were doing. They only knew a new trail was being made. The rider in the front rode up on the crosses and broke into tears. As he was comforted, he began to share his story. None of us knew that day that we would stumble onto the area where he had spread his wife's ashes. His wife had passed away from cancer two years before and he had never shared with others where he spread her ashes.

This experience has touched not just my life spiritually, but many others. The picture taken that day shows a purple area on the corner of the cross....purple is the survivor color that brings hope. Individuals will have the opportunity to plant pink flowers and blue flowers in memory of a loved one. Some day there will be a sea of pink flowers and a sea of blue flowers. Purple flowers will be planted at both ends of the entrance of the trail (or ribbon). The picture of the crosses were taken right after we finished attaching the wood for the cross bars. Notice the purple reflected from the sun on the left corner of the cross on the left. Again, purple is the survivor color.

Where there is no vision, the people will perish. Proverbs 29.18

At the intersection where the three crosses stand, a rock has been engraved:

Be still, and know that I am God; Psalms 46:10


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