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At Cuttin'Up Stables, we don't just pop you on a horse and send you into the ring. You will learn everything from safe ground handling and grooming of the horse on up to western and trail riding.

We believe that spending some time before mounting up allows both you and your lesson horse to get a feel for each others current 'moods' - giving you both an idea of what to expect during the lesson.

We also do not subscribe to the 'quick fix' mentality. We know that the right way to teach both horses and riders is through building a strong knowledge and physical base through repetition and proper instruction and not by finding a way to 'cover up' or ignore a problem.

Private Beginner Lessons are $25 per person for a one hour lesson, which includes teaching of horse handling, grooming and tacking skills, in addition to riding skills.

A package of 4 private beginner lessons can be purchased.

Beginner and Intermediate lessons are one hour in length.

For your lesson, we will supply the horse and its equipment, along with a required riding helmet.

Students should dress for the weather. In cold weather, layers are best, so you can shed a few when you warm up during your rides. For starting out, new students should wear jeans or other sturdy long pants, high socks and a sturdy shoe with a heel.

We Teach:
Riding – well, that’s a part of what we do!
Respect – respect for the animals, respect for each other and respect for our planet.
Self-esteem – our philosophy is all about the worth of each student, the love they can bring to our horses and the love the horses give back. We show students that horses love you for who you are, not what you wear, who you hang out with, what you look like or where you live.
Confidence – Learning to ride and control a 500 to 1200 pound animal brings a level of confidence to even the shyest of students. 

We also have a very strong commitment to safety. Our safety record speaks for itself. 

Programs offered:

Pony Pals – This program is designed for our younger students, ages 5 to 6. We teach grooming and tacking up and how to be safe around the animals. The lessons are conducted with the pony attached to a lead line. We teach balance, position and other exercises and games designed to combine learning with fun exercise.

Beginning riding – We cover all the basics including how to safely work with horses, grooming, tack and tacking up, proper mounting and riding technique and how to safely ride in a group environment. We do offer Western riding.

Intermediate riding – riders having a firm foundation in the basics are challenged with many new skills and exercises. Since learning everything about horses and riding is a life-long pursuit, our intermediate lessons cover too many areas to list.



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